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Who am i ?

I am Medium SAMMY, the best clairvoyant, medium in Miami in USA and the greatest medium from West Africa. To be more precise from Senegal.
Very young I inherited these donts which are passed down from generation to generation.
This is why today, I put at your disposal: my know-how, my rituals and my technique, to help you solve your deepest problems.

My work is based on concrete results, I am available on whatsapp add me.
I favor relationships of trust, to guarantee quality service throughout our sessions.

Learn more about my rituals and clairvoyance sessions

My mission as a medium psychic in Miami

With me Sammy Medium, your go-to psychic medium, we can tackle the past, gain greater clarity with current situations or issues, and then also take a look at future possibilities, relationships, and the purpose of the life. It has been my life goal to help people come through grief after losing a loved one by reconnecting them and having the conversations they never thought they would have again. What usually follows after a session with me is a greater sense of peace, healing, alleviation of doubts, and a deeper confidence in the existence of an afterlife. With the help of the Spirit, I can provide you with the answers to these lingering questions that plague you. I have found that there is no limit to the types of information you can request from the Universe, I am constantly pleasantly surprised.

Sammy Medium Miami

As a seasoned traditional marabout medium, and from my knowledge, I am able to support you in your quest for the ideal of life. I specialize in the family and sentimental field, which is why I propose to help you solve your deepest problems, for example by allowing you to get closer to the loved one or by helping you calm tensions in the breasts of your home.

Marabout Maître Sammy

Result of a session with healer sammy Medium

Thanks to many techniques and practice of African rituals and thanks to a regular follow-up, you will quickly obtain concrete results, in a completely natural way.

Best medium in Miami

Now is the time to put your love, finances, and health issues aside. Sammy that I am will help you drive out bad energies and spirits, as well as get your partner back. know that each problem has its solution!

My clairvoyance services

Relationship problem

My intervention is ideal, if you encounter problems within your couple such as: infidelity, victim of domestic violence (psychological or physical), money management, a new birth, education of children, alcoholism or drug addiction, sexuality or a cultural problem …

Fortune telling

Are you having problems in your professional career and you are terribly distressed ? Are you anxious about your business or close to bankruptcy ? You don’t have a professional project ? Do you want to get rich ? I would prepare specific talismans for each of your wishes.

Family Matters

All families go through immutable cycles: the creation of a couple, the arrival of a child, their departure, sometimes disruptive or serious events, such as illness or death. These moments can generate crises or anxieties. I help you if you have problems with your partner or husband, towards your children or your parents or siblings.

Health problem

I also work on health-related issues. We will take stock of the treatments and methods you have already tried in order to tailor an effective ritual and treatment to your needs.
I have unique and powerful talismans, which will cure all your headache and sore throat problems, your impotence problems, premature ejaculation, irritations, fertility and infertility.

Medium consultation process


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Put into practice

Preparation of medium rituals

“Mr. Sammy is very human. The consultation is very precise, a lot of details of my life that he could not know. I particularly recommend it"

– Christine loulier

“A big thank you, for the conversation, the laughs, the giggles and the tears; Master Sammy is a caring and genuine person, two days later I'm still a little upset but I keep this exchange preciously deep in my heart"

– Sandra Menard

“Rather reluctant at first, but I must admit that medium sammy was able to work real miracles, moreover he is very serious and professional, concerned about hygiene.”

– Maria Piteaux

Clairvoyance consultation in Miami


+1 (514) 700-7525

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Clairvoyance consultation in Miami, USA

Medium number 1 in Miami

Medium Sammy is a renowned marabout, he works witha respect and trust. Quality of service guaranteed.

Easily available on WhatSApp : +1 (514) 700-7525

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Clairvoyance consultation in Miami

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